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This theatre company had the story, but didn’t know how to tell it in a form that would a) sell the production into theatres and b) attract in audiences. I condensed down three pages of information, to a succinct storyline and gave it a more national (as opposed to regional) ‘voice’ that really hit the mark.

The copy for this is below.

Mouthpiece Productions

  • Client: Mouthpiece Productions

A Medal For His Mum

By Malcolm Stent & Don Maclean

A wartime promise made from the comfort of home.
But in the hell of the trenches, at what cost? And to whom?

When best mates Danny and Jacky enlist in1914 they’re under age. But youth, enthusiasm and a burning desire to serve their country, prevails. They want to be part of the ‘Pals' Battalions’ – the brainchild of Lord Kitchener (Secretary of State for War), who knows that friends and workmates recruited together, will fight better together.

The boys’ families aren’t happy, but like the rest of the country, Danny thinks it will all be over soon – and he leaves for war, promising to ‘win’ a medal for his mum.

And so the cast of 13, (led by Don Maclean and Malcolm Stent), take up the story, through retrospective narration, rousing and poignant songs, trench humour and haunting music, telling of Danny and Jacky’s fight for survival, tempered by their love for each other and their dreams of returning back to their families.

Although a tale of two Birmingham boys, their experiences were common to many young men and their families across the country. The Pals’ Battalions – off to fight together. But which ones are coming home?

A stunning production dealing with love, hope, comradeship,  the futility of war and how its outcome resonates with families for generations to come.

Lest We Forget.

(Previously toured as “Brummegem Pals”)


‘Hardly a breath or a shuffling bottom in the theatre from start to finish’

‘The horrors of war contrasted with the love and wonderful aspects of the human soul that will always be displayed in the most incredible adversity.’

Beautiful…. Moving…… A masterclass in compelling theatre’

‘On a par with the West End’s ‘Oh What A Lovely War’’’


‘Brilliant audience feedback. Great performances dealing wonderfully with the subject matter’
Emma Bangham:  Programme Manager, Number 8

‘We have received such great feedback about your wonderful production, as you said we would!’
Jenna Harvey:  General Manager, StratfordArtsHouse

‘Hats off to Festival Drayton Centre for bringing back Malcolm Stent with his latest piece of theatre with such impeccable timing.’: John Hargreaves

‘Warm-hearted in terms of the characters, some of the dialogue is as chilling as the execution of the hard, cold facts’:  Birmingham Mail

An impressive cast….  this brilliant production is a wonderful tribute and a moving celebration of the fortitude of those who came back from the most disastrous conflict in human history. There’s laughter aplenty, but I’m not ashamed to admit to shedding tears in the second half. This show deserves a nationwide airing.’
Phil Preece, Lichfield Live