Outlets For Writers How To Sell Your Work
Posted by Ruth Graham

Copywriter Ruth Graham looks at the right outlets to place your work.


Hopefully, the last blog on writers block made you want to do something – anything to get going.

Have you joined that writer’s circle yet? Started your blog? Started sketching out a timeline for your story or novel? Started gathering character ideas, or things you hear on the street?

If not – go back to blog 1 and let me kick your backside again!! If you have – congratulations.. I’m proud of you.

Now on to the aims of your writing:

Always have an end destination in mind.

And do your research.

Whatever you’re writing, it helps if you can envisage where you’d like it to end up. This will help you shape your writing and your style.

One of the biggest moans editors have, is that they’re approached by writers, with no idea of the style or content of their publication or website. You can guarantee your pitch will be wasted and won’t be seen.

You can avoid this by doing your research – either buying or subscribing to the publication, or getting hold of specialist information aimed at writers that will tell you what you need to know.

Blog 4 in this series will be about writers’ resources – hopefully you’ll find some tips in there. The same goes if you’re producing content for yourself for others to read – if you’re blogging – know who you want to speak to before you begin. Otherwise it’s all words in the ether.

Don’t be afraid to ask people what they want.

In the days I was pitching to magazines, I was nervous to call and speak to the editorial team – in case they thought my ideas were silly. One approach that worked for me was turning things around and asking them what ideas they were planning on for the future – and did they need any extra contributors.

But – when I ran my own magazine – believe me – I saw the other side! I was grateful to hear from anyone who had idea and decent copy – as it saved me having to think of them myself. Never under-estimate how useful someone is when they have good, focussed ideas to share!

Look at your life experience – what you know, where you’ve been, the people in your life, your wants, wishes, hopes and beliefs. The dilemmas you have or have had. And those of people around you. What would happen if? How do people cope when?….. Often great articles and ideas start with a question.

Draw up a target list of who you want to approach. Or offer your work out as a guest blogger. This is one way of gaining experience and creating some backlinks to your own site, if you have one.

Become an expert at something – and find an outlet for your words that way.

But above all – don’t give up. If you’re producing content regularly, then you are already a writer.

The next blog will deal with one specific creative process that helped me enormously – the washing line method.