Advice On Writers’ Block. Part 1
Ruth Graham


There are budding writers everywhere, but so few willing or able to take the plunge. Excuses I’ve heard include:

I don’t have time

I have bills to pay so need to do my ‘other’ job first

I have writer’s block

I have other things to do first – then I’ll get around to it

There’s so much competition, and I’m probably not good enough

I have a secure job and can’t take the risk

It’s too noisy in the house and I can’t think to write

There aren’t enough hours in the day

And on it goes….

People – let me tell you this. There will always be an excuse. Writing is never convenient. It’s usually hard and demanding. Ideas don’t always come – but the one thing successful writers have in common is perseverance and resilience.

You will get rejected (JK Rowling is a great example). And your ideas won’t always hit the mark, but if you give up at the first post, then what’s the point? Resign yourself to never being a writer, get on with whatever else you prefer to be doing –  and stop boring people with your excuses.

Or alternatively – think and work smarter and make something happen!!


You can make notes on your phone these days. Or carry a notepad for when inspiration strikes. Listen to conversations around you for the ideas, the language you hear, the characters you encounter.

Read – anything that gets your juices flowing. Fact, fiction – it doesn’t matter.

Approach the creative thought process from the conditional angle ‘wouldn’t it be fantastic if….’ ; ‘wouldn’t it be terrible if this happened’….. and so on.

Don’t be afraid to take courses – online or in person. You can learn so much and develop in ways you never thought possible.

And if you’re not currently writing, then don’t pressure yourself to produce too much too soon or that will throw you. Just start somewhere.

Be realistic about your capabilities and what actually suits you. During my writing journey, I realised I’m a short-term project person. A novel will always elude me because I don’t have the attention span or the desire. I wasted years plotting out and writing half-finished novels. But once I’d discovered my actual leanings, the work got easier. Short pieces like blogs, articles, web copy etc are ideal for me because I can see an end to them. So I pitch myself at these markets and find the work – because I know I can do it.

In short

Stop making excuses and get on with it

Join a club if you need support and advice

Create the right environment for you to actually produce something

And be realistic about what you want to write, and what your capabilities are.

In the next part we’ll look at people who are writing, but struggling with placing the work or finding the outlets.