Posted by Ruth Graham

The Perils Of Using An Online Translator © Ruth Graham

The future, the past and the present walked into a bar. It was tense…

If you love language, or teach it – that’ll make you laugh. But hopefully not as much as this letter, which I received a few years ago from the mother of one of my summer language students.

Although the online translator was hugely flawed, the picture was clear… and in the event, Françoise turned out to be everything her mother said, and even less! But just looking at this ‘letter’ still makes me smile. Especially the instruction at the very end….


Bonjour Ruth! I am the mum of Françoise, I thank you for E mail whom you took time d ‘ write so to allow to Françoise to form an opinion of stay.

It appreciates the song, reading a lot, she loves the horses, her s ‘ is initiated in l ‘ younger horse riding (pony), to play the ski (debutante) .Elle would like to study of l ‘ history of l ‘ art finally it will be studying after its receptacle is the languages where the French coach very few unblocking in the first option.

My daughter loves the chicken, vegetables. The personality of Françoise is erased by her very big bashfulness. It has a big will d ‘ to teach, you would return him a big service by teaching him a very quick.

I know qu ‘elle would like to attend your music and dance classes, museums, historical buildings and visit of the region are in others of free time which shall please him very much. Thank you d ‘ receive my daughter. Make it speak!