The Top 15 Movie Straplines (You’ve Never Heard Of ) ©Ruth Graham
Posted by Ruth Graham

©©The Top 15 Movie Straplines (You’ve Never Heard Of) ©Ruth Graham

A great strapline should leap off the page… it should tell you straight away what the product or service is. Or make you remember. Or laugh. Or associate a feeling or emotion.

I’ve been a strapline writer for jewellery, and for housing manufacturers and food products. But I’ve always wanted to be a movie strapline writer. Whilst I’m waiting for James Cameron or Stevie S to call me, here are a few I came up with recently. 

Wait? Is that the phone I hear? ……….. 

The Fish That Wants You Off The Bone

Can You Tell She’s Unwell?

When A Man Clubs A Woman

Spanking The Monkey
Grab Your Remote. This Is What Your Wrist Was Really Made For.

Wall Street
If Greed Is Good – These Guys are Angels…….

Scary Movie
Forget the Car and Skate Home on Your Skid marks.

American Werewolf In Paris
Love Is In The Hair.

American Pie
Boy Meats Girl

Edward Scissorhands
How Does He Pee?

Boogie Nights
Make Love Not War. Pump Action Re-Load.

Pet Cemetery
Recall Mastered.

The Birds
They’re Feeling Peckish, But You Won’t Have Time To Tweet For Help….

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Too Bad He Was Once A Handyman… And The Job Always Got Done.

The Truman Show

Just Not His Scene Any More…