And Now Even My Dog Is Writing….!
Posted by Ruth Graham

Well.. it looks like the recent blogs have worked a treat. Inspired, I found my border terrier on the laptop late last night, feverishly tapping away. There’s only room for one writer in the family, but I thought I’d give her room just this once….



I’m Gloria… the border terrier, (well – at least that’s what the man who sold me said I was)! I don’t have a fixed walkies time, but the other dogs recognise me from my gentle approach (just nipping one ear at a time), and the selfless way I’ve learnt to share their ball. It really is quite touching.

My owner is a tad boring, as she works from home so I have to entertain myself.  Recently I managed to find a baby rat in the compost (very exciting). I also like it if a workman visits, as I’ve perfected the art of stealing something quietly from their toolbox whilst they’re working. Gaffa tape is a very long lasting chew, I can tell you!

I know it’s not a dating column, but apparently you have to say something about yourself, so here are a few details:

Hobbies: Watching tv with my owner. Favourite shows are ‘Beast Enders’ and ‘I’m a Half-Breed, Get Me Out of Here’.

Minor Irritants: Being mistaken for an ‘old wee doggie’ – I’m ONLY 5!!!

Favourite Perfume: ‘Eau de Fox’

Favourite Food: Bison Bites (although my owner is too mean to buy me them!)

Ambition: To be allowed off the lead in the park and prove I can (paws crossed behind back) ignore rabbits and squirrels. Actually – that’s a lie. Lead walking here we come….